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While there are many forms of oral anabolic steroids there are only a few that are commonly used and only a few that are worth much to the athlete at hand.
Even so, you have many choices and how best to use these choices is to follow.
We have listed the four most commonly used anabolic steroid pills below, giving each a recommended dose and duration of use, as well as time of use; hopefully this list will guide you on how best to use your little tablets.
– Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) “Dbol” Most commonly these steroid pills will be used at the beginning of a steroid cycle, usually in an attempt to increase size and strength.
This is perhaps Dianabol’s greatest use but many competitive bodybuilders or any athlete who finds themselves in a position where they need to drop weight will use this anabolic during that time as well.
For the bulker, normally a 6 week run at the front end is all that’s needed and a dose of 30mg-50mg per day is quite common.
Some bodybuilders and power lifters will go as high as 100mg every day but this should be reserved only for the extremely experienced.
For the contest dieter 6 weeks of use normally slightly lower in dosing than one would use during the off-season at the front end of the diet can greatly aid in maintaining muscle tissue.
– Anadrol (Oxymetholone ) “Abombs” or “Drol” Like Dianabol these steroid pills are most commonly used on the front end of a bulking or off-season cycle.
Normally a course of 4wks-6wks at a dose of 50mg every day is more than enough to get the job done.
There is a higher range dose of 100mg per day some very experienced hardcore trainers will use but understand this steroid can be very harsh and only well tolerated at the 50mg dose by many.
Further, as a fantastic off-season steroid Anadrol has also proven very useful for competitive bodybuilders at the tail end of a diet.
Many competitors have found supplementing with Anadrol the final 3-4 weeks before a competition to greatly help with the filling out process.
However, one’s diet will need to be perfect if success is to be met with this method; failure to follow a perfect diet may indeed leave you looking bloated and smooth.
– Winstrol (Stanozolol ) “Winny” While our previously two mentioned steroid pills can be used for both bulking and cutting Winstrol, although it can serve both purposes is far more suited for a dieting athlete or an athlete simply looking for an added boost but not a lot of added size.
In most cases courses of 6wks-8wks are recommended and a dose of 50mg per day is all most will ever need.
It is important to note, this is one of the few steroid pills that can be effectively and safely used by women; dosing will need to be far less, usually in the 10mg per day range and for very short periods of time, normally only a matter of weeks.
– Anavar (Oxandrolone ) “Var” Of all the steroid pills available this is the mildest of all and not only the best anabolic steroid pill for women but the best anabolic steroid for women period.
Normally a dose of 10mg per day is all that is needed with 20mg per day being the standard high end dose.
In most cases it is recommended you start with 10mg per day and only go up to 20mg per day if needed.
If 10mg proves to be a little weak for you try bumping it up to 15mg before you go all the way to 20mg.
In most cases 8wks-12wks is well tolerated by most women but in most cases 6wk courses is all that is needed.
In many cases 6wks on followed by 2wks-3wks off followed by another short course on can prove to be very safe and effective.
As fantastic as these steroid pills are for women they can be used by men as well but will need to be done so at a normally much higher dose.
If you are looking for a very mild anabolic edge Anavar may be right for you but as a man you will find many other options to be far superior to meet your needs.
Steroid Pills & the Liver: There’s no two ways about it; steroid pills can bring forth stress upon the liver and when the doses get high and the use goes beyond what is recommended you can do some serious damage.
Interestingly enough, most alcoholic beverages cause more stress to the liver than any of the anabolic steroid pills, as do many forms of over the counter medications.
However, it is when we abuse anabolic steroids that we fall into trouble and it is this sort of abuse that often gives anabolic steroids a bad name.
The point, don’t be that guy; take care of yourself and if you use do so responsibly.
A-Drol and Tren Gains Weight Gained: 89lbs Cycle.
8 Weeks on, 2 weeks off, 4 weeks on.
Totaling 12 weeks of continuous supplementation.
Increase in body temperature, more sweating than usual, slight insomnia and bloating in the first week and a half of supplementation.
All in all side effects were very minimal for the results I got.
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Top 3 Cutting Orals These steroids will give your muscles a more hard and defined appearance with deep dark creases oulining each muscle group.
Vascularity will also incease due to lower body fat levels.
Fat layers are the main factor for covering veins.
Huge pumps in the gym are also common due to extra blood flow to the muscles.
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This drug is effective to increase the burning rate of calorie and thus help in cutting down the body fat.
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You can purchase the drug and start making use of it in order to be in the desired body shape.
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Product Descriptions Everyday we are exposed to commercials on TV, or ads in magazines, or hear celebrities endorse what helped them lose weight, or the hard body at the gym saying what fat burner they use.
With the advantage this day and age of so many options of fat burners everybody could find the right product to help them attain their muscle building and fat loss goals.
One thing about anabolic fat burning supplements that is often missed, however, is the key word: SUPPLEMENT.
Fat burners are not the magic pill that literally “burn off fat”, but they supplement burning off fat.
However, when dealing with legal steroids like Winsdrol-V, you not only melt off fat through thermogenesis, you also build lean muscle mass.
In itself, the word “Supplement” is defined as – something added to complete something, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole.
Notice that supplement does not mean replace.
Often people take fat burning supplements believing that will replace the need for weight lifting, a solid diet, or other necessary life style changes needed to lose fat.
Fat burners could provide huge benefits to supplement the correct lifestyle, so here are 5 ways NOT to use fat burners, and why.
DO NOT Exceed Recommended Serving in order to acheve fater andmore dramatic results!
All fat burner pill manufacturers want their product to be the best product so they could sell as much as possible.
They are a business, so if you just use common sense there must be a good reason why they put a limitation on how much a serving is, and why they explicitly write “DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED SERVING” on the package.
Fat burners usually contain various ingredients in various proportions and excessive intake of certain ingredients can cause side effects.
DO NOT Take Fat Burners Forever!
Stacking & Cycling is the #1 Approach.
Your body needs a break from any substance you take, even if they’re made from natural ingredients.
This is because your body always wants to maintain a natural balance, or “homeostasis” which is the tendency to maintain internal stability in response to any situation or stimulating disturbing its normal condition.
When you first stimulate your body, it feels it and responds accordingly.
But if taken long enough, gradually your body gets accustom to the change so the stimulant is no longer effective.
In fact, your body will require more and more of the compound in order to continue favorable results.
No matter what your goals are, I suggest you try the best reviewed fat burning pill out there.
Here is my compilation of not only products I personally tried, but products my friends have also used.
I also checked the reviews out on google, bing, amazon, ebay and bodybuilding forums like EliteFitness and Bodybuilding.
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D-bol is usually taken for a period of 4-8 weeks.
Taking 1-3 capsules a day, spread out about every 4-6 hours is best.
Because of the strength of this supplement, users must drink plenty of water, sleep a full 8 hours as well as eat plenty of quality food.
The best advice would be to take each dose with either a full glass of milk or protein drink ( for better absorption ).
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